Why not sponsor a local school?

Our sponsors

We are all under budget constraints but schools are finding it harder than most. We are so fortunate that we have found sponsors who, through their support, allow us to spend a day in their local schools delivering workshops on financial education and employability.


Our sponsors are welcome to be as involved as much, or as little as they want when we deliver the workshops.


All of the slides we use in the workshops will carry the sponsors logo, as will any materials we use. The sponsor will also have their logo and link on this website.

How it works

Once we have had an initial meeting with our sponsor we identify which schools we might be able to help. After that, we contact the schools, arrange the workshops, finalise the date and deliver the programme.

Photos and press release

Schools are generally happy to allow publicity photos on the day. There is always the chance to make a press release into local papers as well as social media.