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Abbot's Hill School


“Ed has been providing our Year 9 girls with Financial Education during our enrichment week for many years now. The sessions are informative, engaging and extremely relevant and by using small groups, the girls get individual attention. Thank you, Wizeup.”

Angela Smith - Head of PSHCEE & Enrichment Co-ordinator

Anglo-European School


I am a geography teacher responsible for all of the Enterprise education at school, and like most teachers with extra responsibilities, have little time in which to deliver this. From the moment I contacted  WizeUp I felt totally at ease, Ed listened to my requirements and immediately responded with a variety of options  and suggestions to suit. Wizeup products and services can be an extremely useful off the shelf option but what makes them stand out is their flexibility, willingness and ability to accommodate individual school’s requirements.

When I initially spoke to Ed 3 years ago about WizeUp participating in a new Enterprise education day about the world of work for our year 11 students, he not only agreed to help facilitate the day, but offered to deliver whatever type of workshop we wanted – that’s flexibility!

The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to practise, develop  and demonstrate these in a familiar environment BUT with unknown professionals. All students attend in business dress and participate in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gives invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student.  WizeUp supports us all day in delivering not only an interviewing skills workshop  but then a  financial skills workshop.

Delivering a day such as this to a whole year group of 210 students is no mean feat and Ed Flack / WizeUp is key to not only informing and inspiring our students but enabling myself as the organiser to focus on the inevitable “on the day” small issues rather than worrying about what is happening in the classroom!

Fiona Bell - Enterprise Education Co-ordinator

Berkhamsted School


“My experience of dealing with WizeUp was exemplary.  From an initial enquiry to the delivery of the session to the students the levels of communication were excellent and Ed was very accommodating about putting together a session in response the specific topics requested by our students.  The talk on the day was interactive and highly informative and I am sure that the students will make use of the wide-range of information and support that Wizeup offer as a follow-up to the talk.  I shall definitely be asking Ed back to speak to the students next year.”

Mary-Clare Startin, Deputy Head, Sixth Form

“Another terrific talk by Ed to our Sixth Form.  No-one was left in any doubt about the value of budgeting when off to university or out in the real world.  The examples were spot on the for age group and the students knew they were learning something important.  Ed has the ability to make difficult topics seem like plain common sense.”

Laura Redman – Head of PSHE – Berkhamsted School.

Bromsgrove School


“Ed has supported our sixth form PSHCEE programme for several years giving a variety of very relevant talks about student finance, budgeting and general money matters. These have always been very innovative, stimulating, crammed with useful advice and well received by our students”.

Dr. Tony Johns - Head of Sixth Form

Claire's Court School


"Many thanks to the WizeUp team for the informative workshops given to our Year 12 students during their Activity Week. You answered their questions in a language they could understand and I am confident they and their parents will make use of the after service you offer. We will be inviting you back next year!"

Stephanie Rogers, Head of Year 12

Dorothy Goodman School


““it is so important for children to be taught about money, finance and budgeting. Our pupils were engaged in all of the activities throughout the day and took so much from what they experienced. .”

Emma Draycott - Senior Teacher

Gulidford High School


"Thank you for coming to speak to the girls yesterday. The feedback from both girls and staff has been really positive. Apparently the girls were doing their budgets in the common room later on yesterday and comments such as 'It's really depressing: I spend £300 and only have £100 coming in each month' and 'I spend so much money in Starbucks' were heard to be made! I will reiterate the use of the website to them."

Katie Banks - Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Hayesfield Mixed 6th Form


"Our students were very appreciative of all of the information about finance that you provided them.  Always good to have an expert delivering the important content rather than just me."

David Rutt - Deputy Head

Helena Romanes School


"The CV skills workshop is excellent.  The presenter was able to fully engage and inform our year 12 students for one full hour which is not always easy with this age-group of young adults.  

Students themselves declared this session one of the best and most useful enrichment sessions they have experienced.

I would fully recommend this workshop for all A level students."

Mrs Donna Wright Head of Sixth Form

Hinckley Academy


“Ed’s workshops are now a regular feature of our Year 9 curriculum. His varied resources and informative style educates and engages students on a range of Personal Finance topics.” 

Rachel Marshall, Head of PSE and Careers.

Holmer Green School


“I thought it was extremely useful as it gave me a much clearer understanding of many aspects of student finance. I found it surprisingly interesting, considering the amount of information that was covered. I thought it provided some very useful Life Skills that, I am confident, will prove to be important in the future. Glad to have had it.”

Sixth Form Student

“Ed’s expertise in the subject and knowledge about the current intricacies of Student Finance is invaluable to our students. They really respect and appreciate a specialist coming in to talk to them, and he is able to engage our students with his charismatic presentation style. We have received very positive feedback from all our parents and students, and look forward to him visiting us again next year.”

Rachel Golding, Head of Sixth Form

John Cleveland 6th Form Centre


"I’m writing at last to thank you properly for your input to our Conference this year. As I said, you really are the backbone of what we put on, both for students on Monday and Tuesday - and now for parents on Monday evening - and we are always delighted when we hear that you are able to come again and that HRBS are continuing their invaluable sponsorship.

The student feedback was as positive as ever from all of your sessions, with the overwhelming majority feeding back that it was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ for them in terms of usefulness, interest and clarity. Typical examples of their comments:

‘The speaker was energetic and approachable’

‘Very interesting’

‘Valuable and very useful information’

‘A very knowledgeable man’

On Tuesday the group were particularly appreciative of your input on CVs, but many also commented on the information about tax and banking. You provide the information that no-one else quite manages to tell them and that so often they don’t even know which questions to ask about."

Janet Paterson - Head of 6th Form 

Joyce Frankland Academy


Ed's talk has given me a better insight into different finance options, and has allowed me to proactively think more about money.   

Jasmine - Sixth Form Student

The talk gave me a broader idea of what my financial options are when I go to uni and has definitely provided me with some food for thought.  

Call - Sixth Form Student

Ed gave us a really great talk about student finances , I now understand so much more.  

Bailey - Sixth Form Student

Ed extended my knowledge of budgeting, helping me to understand ways to manage my income and spending.  

Seraphina - Sixth Form Student

Ed is a speaker who tailors his material to his audience's needs: everything he says is useful.  

Mr. Dan Langley - Head of Sixth Form

Ed was totally enthusiastic and passionate about ensuring that our next generation are more financially aware.   Thank you to our sponsor, Saffron Building Society, too.   

Mrs Ali Baxter - Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Langley Grammar


"Thank you so much for your sessions today, the students said they learnt a tremendous amount.

I will get more detailed feedback for you and send it on though.

You were a pleasure to have, you set up easily, managed the students well and had a really good rapport with them.

You were a pleasure to deal with!"

Helena Makowski - Head of Sixth Form

Melton Vale 6th Form College


"MV16 hosted Ed Flack from WizeUp Consultants in July 2018 where our Year12 students, planning to start university in 2019, benefitted from his experienced advice. Throughout the day, Ed delivered 6 workshops for our students introducing them to all they needed to know financially for when they embark on their university career. The interactive sessions were both enjoyable and informative and we will definitely be inviting him back to repeat the process in future years. These sessions come with my highest recommendation for sixth form students." 

Natasha Roberts - Assistant Head 

Millwall F.C.


“I have known Ed for a number of years having got him in to work with our young players at two of the clubs I have worked for. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and professional in the delivery of all of his sessions which are always very productive and engaging.”

Paul Tighe

Head of Education & Player Welfare

Portland place school - london


"The speaker we had last week was very charismatic and gave us a lot of useful advice on the future which I intend to use in great effect. He was very open and inspiring." 

James and Rio - Year 11 students

"It helped me prepare and relax for my future interviews, it was also enjoyable and fun to interact with him." 

Tabitha. - Year 11 student

"It felt like last week was great, it gave me a confidence boost because now I know how to perform well in an interview." 

Dot  - Year 11 student

"Really helpful and made me more prepared for my future. I really hope he comes again as I thought he was really kind and useful." 

Dolly - Year 11 student

"WizeUp delivered an excellent session to our Year 11 student to prepare for their college interviews. Our speaker had the students’ full attention from the beginning thanks to his friendly approach.  Ed’s talk gave students a deep insight into the world of interviewing and he used personal experiences in order to captivate our students. It was so much better than having someone go through a series of simple instructions. Overall, he has made the students feel very comfortable when facing an interview. The role play type of activities were a great tool to engage students and provide immediate feedback. I would definitely recommend them."

Miss Charlotte Magniez  - 

Head of PHSCE



“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. The content was incredibly insightful and your knowledge and expertise really helped the students gain a greater understating. I learnt a lot too!

I have now had the opportunity to share your pdf resources with students and their parents/carers. They have been very well received and feedback has been positive.

Thank you again for your time. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to book again next year.

Chris Buller - Head of Sixth Form

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"This is to formally express our thanks for the excellent work which you and Mike Spooner did with our students yesterday. You managed to engage their interest very quickly and covered a lot of very valuable material. You helped them clarify their thinking and will have enabled them to make much more informed choices about their future. The students were still buzzing with excitement this morning and everybody we asked told us how useful the presentations and discussions had been.

You were also able to explain the complexities of student finance to a large audience of parents who also commented how helpful it was. I very much hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

Maria Bates - Assistant Headteacher



" The workshop which Ed prepared and delivered was really well received by our year 12 students. Ed is a confident and very knowledgeable speaker who answered their questions with good humour and kept the workshops running at a good pace. It was helpful to have an input into the planning of the lesson.  We will happily work with Ed again and encourage our students to look at resources on the WizeUp website. The students gave the lesson very positive feedback - always the end goal"

Ms J Haggett - Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth Form



"All was very positive - the only criticism was that the second part re NI and tax was too rushed - although I appreciate that you were doing your best to give us value for money by covering two topics during the session. As I said at the time, your approach was excellent - you struck just the right note with our boys, so they were engaged: they liked the practical interview starter, it really grabbed their attention."

Caroline Fooks - Head of PHSE



"Students, and staff, found the sessions incredibly informative. The sessions were bespoke to the cohort so they had ownership over what they looked at. Ed was an excellent presenter, enthusing them and making some tricky concepts much more accessible. We will definitely be looking for opportunities to work with WizeUp in the future.”

Lucy Butler - Director of Sixth Form



"Thank you so much for coming today and all the work you put in! Both staff and students have been saying they've had a wonderful day.  There was a really positive environment walking around and it was great to see how involved our students were- even some who are not usually interested in sitting in a classroom! We couldn't have done it without you so thank you.

Please do stay in contact about any opportunities you have running in the future.

We hope to see you again!"

Helena Bartlett - Teaching Assistant



“School leavers today face complex financial issues, especially when they leave home for university or begin employment. Ed’s knowledge and enthusiasm gives them an opportunity to get prepared for life after Sixth Form. We are very grateful to Penrith Building Society whose financial support allows the yearly event to occur. The students were enthusiastic to have the opportunity to quiz an expert and gain practical knowledge that will help them for life.”

Sessions were tailored to meet Year 12’s varied aspirations whether that be: University, employment, apprenticeship or a gap year. Workshops focused on the financial implications of studying for a degree, what to look out for when opening a student bank account and knowledge about financial aspects of renting property or sharing a flat. Other sessions covered taxation, credit ratings as well as pay day loans and practical tips on how to start saving and investing for the future.

Rob Jackson Head of Sixth Form

“Mr Flack has an impressive wealth of knowledge on the financial issues that we as teenagers face.  I learnt a lot about how to deal with financial problems and about the dangers and benefits of having a credit card at my age. I think I am now more aware of the consequences of debt and the ways to prevent falling into financial difficulties. As students' we are really grateful to Penrith Building Society for sponsoring this informative day at UCC.”

Tilly Bird - Ullswater Sixth Form Student

Walton Post 16 Centre


“WizeUp have offered invaluable advice to students at Walton Post 16. The information about Student Finance, savings and taxation was particularly informative and enabled students to gain a detailed understanding of these and the importance of understanding finance on a personal level. Ed in particular is very personable, engaging and pitches the information at the right level for the students. Financial advice is the number one request we get from our Post 16 students and WizeUp offer the best advice and support for this. Walton highly recommend Wizeup for anyone looking to offer young people support with their finances.”

Fran Gilbert - Deputy Post 16 Leader





from hrbs website

Hinckley pupils widen knowledge of all things money

by on 08/10/2019 in News

More than 150 Hinckley school pupils got an eye-opening introduction to all things money during a day of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp, worked with the 13 and 14-year-old Year 9 pupils at Hinckley Academy.

He tackled the history of money, taxation and making choices in budgeting. It’s the eighth academic year in which WizeUp has worked with schools in Hinckley & Rugby’s heartlands, with the support of the Building Society.

Ed said: “As always, I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and application of all of the students.“One student even managed to correctly identify a clay beehive from 1,500BC which was recycled as a money box. This was the first time that had happened. I must thank Hinckley & Rugby for its continued support which is now in its eighth year.”

Rachel Marshall, careers lead at Hinckley Academy, said: “Once again, Ed’s workshops have engaged students and stimulated them into thinking about their attitudes to personal finance. They left still talking about the issues raised.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s treasury and regulatory accounts assistant Aimee Williams dropped in to see Ed’s lessons in action. Aimee said: “The pupils were really engaged with the fascinating and very useful information Ed was sharing with them.”

Hinckley Academy pupils with (left) Hinckley & Rugby’s Aimee Williams and (right) Ed Flack of WizeUp
Hinckley Academy pupils with (left) Hinckley & Rugby’s Aimee Williams and (right) Ed Flack of WizeUp

From Hinckley & Rugby Website

by Carla on 12/07/2019 in News


Hinckley sixth formers picked up a wealth of useful tips about managing their money beyond school during two days of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp, worked with dozens of Year 12 students at Hinckley Academy’s JC6 sixth form – and some of their parents too.

Ed spent his first day at JC6 with students who are planning to go on to university after their final sixth form year which begins in September. He tackled budgeting, flat sharing and credit cards. That evening it was the turn of their parents, with around 40 taking part in a lively discussion about student finance.

On the second day Ed worked with students planning to move straight into work after leaving JC6 next summer. After learning how to write a great CV, they talked about saving, budgeting, tax and National Insurance.

Ed said:

“We enjoyed really great participation from everyone who attended, including the parents who had lots of great questions to ask. Over the two days we managed to chat to about 150 young and not so young people.
“Huge thanks to our wonderful friends at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for sponsoring our participation. This is our eighth year of working together and the Society has been absolutely magnificent.”

Janet Paterson, head of JC6, said:

“We are hugely grateful to Hinckley & Rugby for providing sponsorship so that WizeUp could work with our students again this year. WizeUp’s advice on everything from writing a great CV to managing a student flat share is invaluable as students make their plans for the future.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s Castle Street branch customer assistant Jennifer Williams dropped in to see Ed’s lessons in action. Jennifer said: “Ed gets across so much useful knowledge to the students. By the end they are much better equipped to manage their money after school.”

WizeUp.JC6: JC6 students with (back, right) Ed Flack of WizeUp and Hinckley & Rugby’s Jennifer Willi
WizeUp.JC6: JC6 students with (back, right) Ed Flack of WizeUp and Hinckley & Rugby’s Jennifer Willi

From Bath echo

Bath Building Society set to sponsor financial programme for local students



Bath Building Society is set to sponsor a financial education programme for secondary school and sixth form students in Bath, offering advice on managing money and making informed decisions.

Kevin Gray, Bath Building Society’s CEO

The programme of workshops is designed to help young people understand the practicalities of managing money, and give them the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

According to statistics from Young Enterprise, 4 in 10 adults aren’t in control of their finances.

The workshops cover a wide range of important topics including preparing for university and independent living after school, budgeting, credit, loans, savings and tax and is delivered by finance and education specialists, WizeUp.

Following the success of the Bath Building Society sponsored workshops at Hayesfield, St Gregory’s and St Marks, the programme will roll out across the area in the 2019/20 school year.

Bath Building Society’s CEO, Kevin Gray, said: “We are delighted to be working with WizeUp to bring financial education to secondary school children in Bath.

“When you consider 21 million UK families have less than £500 in savings to cover unexpected bills, while around 8 million adults have debt problems, our young people need high-quality financial education in school so they can manage their finances well and have the confidence to make crucial decisions.

“This is becoming increasingly important as future financial choices are likely to be more challenging than for past generations.”

Bath Building Society is holding a free CPD session for Bath teachers on 2nd July, hosted by Young Enterprise financial education expert, Polly Barnes from 1.30pm, at the Society’s Queen Square office.

Any secondary school teachers interested in attending can email Bath Building Society on bsoc@bibs.co.uk.

Kevin Gray - C.E.O. Bath Building Society
Kevin Gray - C.E.O. Bath Building Society

From HRBS press release and nuneaton news

Ed teaches money matters to Nuneaton’s Values pupils

Pupils at Nuneaton’s Values Academy boosted their knowledge of all things money during a day of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp, worked with around 10 pupils from years 10 and 11 at the school.

Ed said:

“We spent a fantastic day with the senior students at Values Academy. Everyone made great contributions to a really lively day. One student was the quickest person I have seen in spotting a 3,500-year-old clay money box for its original purpose – keeping bees!
“We looked at the history of money, online security, saving, budgeting, apprenticeships and income tax – stuff which was all relevant to the students.
“As ever, enormous thanks to the staff who made today run smoothly and to Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for its continued support in making days such as these possible.”

Values Academy is a charitable independent school with an emphasis on social and moral development which welcomes young people who have experienced failures in mainstream education.

Sarah Roberts, SEN team leader, said:

“The pupils were very excited and had been really looking forward to this. Money is such an important topic; it is essential they understand it and WizeUp’s visit meant they could learn about finances in a fun way.

“It’s great that Hinckley & Rugby is backing this. We are a charity so we really embrace that support and it’s always good for people to come in and see what we do, plus it gives our children an opportunity to engage with new people and organisations and deepen the skills we have been teaching them along the way.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s Nuneaton customer assistant Diane Harris dropped in to see Ed’s lessons in action. Diane said:

“Every time Ed visits a school it’s a fun day for the students who also learn important and helpful skills towards managing their money in the future.”

Last year Hinckley & Rugby helped Values Academy by donating a new computer to enhance its pupils’ studying across the curriculum including ICT skills.

WizeUp’s Ed Flack with Values’ mentor Jo Walker, a Values’ student and H&R Nuneaton's Diane Harris
WizeUp’s Ed Flack with Values’ mentor Jo Walker, a Values’ student and H&R Nuneaton's Diane Harris

From Newbury Building Society Press release

Park House School sixth form students wise up to money matters

Sixth form students at Newbury-based secondary school, Park House, benefited from a series of financial education seminars to help prepare them for life outside of the classroom – an event proudly sponsored by Newbury Building Society. 

Ed Flack, a financial education consultant at not-for-profit group WizeUp, hosted a series of one-hour interactive sessions which focussed on the importance of regularly saving money, CV and interview best practice, student finance and apprenticeships. Over 60 pupils aged 16-18 attended the drop-in sessions hosted throughout the day. 

Ed said: “I enjoyed a great day with the year 12 and 13 students at Park House School. We managed to deliver five workshops on student finance, budgeting, first impressions, saving and taxation to enthusiastic young people who were engaged, inquisitive and questioning throughout. Our thanks to the staff of Park House and to our fantastic sponsor, Newbury Building Society, for their support.”

Ben Hawkins, Head of Sixth Form at Park House School said: “My role as Head of Sixth Form is to prepare our young people for life after PH6. Financial education is a vital part of that preparation and one that I feel my generation did not receive. We as a school are very grateful to Newbury Building Society and Ed Flack, WizeUp for ensuring that this generation receive the invaluable knowledge and advice provided by Ed through a series of engaging and interactive workshops.”

Emma Lavers, Marketing Support Manager at Newbury Building Society said: “We already have a scheme dedicated to educating primary school children, so it was a natural step for us to work with Ed and Park House School to help ensure those about to leave the comforts of the classroom are well-equipped for real-life financial eventualities. WizeUp is a great organisation which runs solely on sponsorship from services like Newbury Building Society. We are delighted to have sponsored this event and look forward to seeing how else we can help improve financial education within young people throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.”


The Ed teacher of money for Dorothy Goodman pupils

On Hinckley and Rugby Building Society Website 17/1/2019 

by on 17/01/2019 in News

Dorothy Goodman School pupils learned how to open a savings account during a day of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp, worked with pupils at the Hinckley school for children with special educational needs and disabilities before visiting the Society’s branch in Castle Street.

Ed said:

“Once again we had a brilliant day with the Key Stage 5 students at Dorothy Goodman School. Everyone was enthusiastic and got stuck into all of the activities that we set them to do.
“Thanks to all of the staff at the Castle Street branch of Hinckley & Rugby who made us all very welcome. There were loads of smiling faces throughout the day. As always our thanks to our brilliant sponsors at Hinckley & Rugby for making it all possible.”

Dorothy Goodman School learning leader Emma Draycott said:

“It is so important for children to be taught about money, finance and budgeting. Our pupils were engaged in all of the activities throughout the day and took so much from what they experienced.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s new chief executive Colin Fyfe and customer assistant Jennifer Williams welcomed the students to the Castle Street branch. Colin said: “What an enthusiastic group of young people we were visited by.

“Watching the teenagers learn about savings accounts and how their local building society can help them really underlined the importance of equipping our next generation with the knowhow to manage their money.
“Hinckley & Rugby is very proud to have been working with WizeUp for almost seven years. To see Ed in action is so inspiring and we are pleased we can support this important initiative.”

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(l-r,) H& R Colin Fyfe and Jennifer Williams with Dorothy Goodman students and Ed Flack of WizeUp
(l-r,) H& R Colin Fyfe and Jennifer Williams with Dorothy Goodman students and Ed Flack of WizeUp

LeicestershireLive 17 July 2017

Dorothy Goodman pupils wise up to money

Dorothy Goodman School pupils opened a savings account and used a cash machine – many for the first time – during a day of financial education sponsored by Hinckley and Rugby Building Society.

Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp group, worked with 20 pupils aged from 14 to 19, firstly at the Hinckley school for children with learning disabilities and then at the society’s Castle Street branch.

Ed said: “We began the day by looking at ways we could get money, deciding that working for it was infinitely better than borrowing.

“I then set the students a task to work on for me, folding leaflets.

“They had 40 each and if they completed them all they could earn £10.

“Everyone worked really well and to a very high standard.

“Once they had been paid they were able to buy a variety of goods but were encouraged to save some of the money in order to open a savings account with Hinckley & Rugby. We walked into town where the students had a chance to use a cash point machine, many of them for the first time.

“After drawing £10 each from the hole in the wall they added this to their morning’s savings and moved across the road to the society’s branch where they opened their accounts and made their first deposits.

“To mark the occasion every student was presented with their own HRBS goody bag to take away.”

Dorothy Goodman School senior life skills teacher Joanne Linwood said: “The students had a truly fabulous day.

“They all learnt that you have to earn money before you can take it out and for most of them this was the first time they had ever used a cash card at an ATM or learnt how to open a building society account.

“They were all thoroughly engaged and motivated throughout the day.

“I hope this can be something that we do every year.”

Ed said: “It was a fantastic day and the students were really up for it.

“They were really engaged and enthusiastic and some went over and above the scheduled workload in order to complete a ‘mind map’ on bills and other expenses.

“Considering that this was the first time many of the students had used a cashpoint machine or had been into a building society branch they took everything in their strides like old hands.

“A day like today takes lots of organisation so hats off to all of the staff and both Dororthy Goodman School and Hinckley & Rugby for making it happen, and of course the students for being such a delightful and willing bunch of young people.”

Georgia Betteridge, customer assistant at Hinckley & Rugby’s Castle Street branch, said: “It was lovely to welcome the Dorothy Goodman pupils who were very keen to learn and try out opening a savings account with us.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s Georgia Betteridge and Ed Flack of WizeUp with pupils from Dorothy Goodman School
Hinckley & Rugby’s Georgia Betteridge and Ed Flack of WizeUp with pupils from Dorothy Goodman School

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society Website

Sir Frank Whittle students get wise to money

by on 29/01/2018 in News

Students at Sir Frank Whittle Studio School are better prepared for their financial futures after a day of lessons about money sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

The Lutterworth based school’s students covered topics including flat sharing and credit cards in sessions led by Ed Flack, a financial education expert from the not-for-profit WizeUp.

Ed said:

“Thanks to our fantastic sponsors at Hinckley & Rugby we were able to visit Sir Frank Whittle Studio School for the first time. It was a great day with loads of interaction from year 11 and 12 students.
“We covered student finance, budgeting, flat sharing, credit cards and ratings and taxation. It was a real privilege to be able to spend two and a half hours with each group.
“Anyone that has any doubts about the quality of young people leaving school over the next few years need have no fears – we are in safe hands.”

John Redmond, vice principal at Sir Frank Whittle Studio School, said:

“As a Studio School we are closely aligned to the best practices of business and industry and so we were delighted to be invited to host a whole day focussed on the financial education of our young people in areas that are vital to their future success.“Ed was superb at making all the topics covered engaging and students sent us emails afterwards saying things like ‘the speech was useful in terms of financially how much companies rely on credit ratings and how much going to university can affect you financially’ and ‘I found this really useful and have learned many new things’.
“I am very grateful to Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for this support as school budgets are tight and Ed’s work was of the highest standard.”

Denise Bradshaw, office manager for Hinckley & Rugby’s branch on Lutterworth’s High Street, dropped in to the Wize Up session and said:

“It was great to see how interested the young people were in what Ed shared with them. Learning how to manage their money will be invaluable for them as they move on to the world of work and independent living.”

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has been sponsoring WizeUp’s work in schools in Leicestershire and Warwickshire since 2012.

WizeUp’s Ed Flack (centre) with Denise Bradshaw, John Redmond (far left) and pupils from Sir Frank W
WizeUp’s Ed Flack (centre) with Denise Bradshaw, John Redmond (far left) and pupils from Sir Frank W

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society Website

Rugby pupils get wise to money matters

by on 28/04/2017 in News

Pupils at Rugby’s Lawrence Sheriff School showed great interest in learning about money during a day of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Financial education experts from the not-for-profit WizeUp visited Lawrence Sheriff, working with all of the school’s 120 Year 9 pupils as part of a careers day.

Amanda Warde, the school’s Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Coordinator, said:

“The students found Ed’s session and the activities within it engaging and interactive. It gave them lots of useful relatable information that they found easy to understand and interesting, making the world of personal finance less daunting.”

WizeUp’s Ed Flack said: “We had a great day with the students, delivering three sessions on the history of money, budgeting, saving and investing. “These were certainly lively affairs with students beginning to think about the bigger picture and how these life skills might fit into their lives after school. They all had an opportunity to run their own virtual business which was really good – and very profitable.

“This was followed up by lots of questions ranging from short selling of stocks to how income tax affects savings – great questions from a great bunch. As always, our thanks go to Hinckley & Rugby who made the day possible.”

Hinckley & Rugby’s branch & agency support officer Tracey Phipps said:

“Whenever WizeUp visits a local school we are very impressed with how engaged the students are and how much they take away from the sessions. It’s great to know they are better prepared for managing their money.”

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society regularly sponsors WizeUp’s visits to schools and colleges in its heartlands.

Lawrence Sheriff’s Year 9 students with Ed Flack (centre), HRBS’s Tracey Phipps and teacher Dan Clar
Lawrence Sheriff’s Year 9 students with Ed Flack (centre), HRBS’s Tracey Phipps and teacher Dan Clar

The Melton Building Society Press Release



20 February 2017

The Melton Building Society is sponsoring a financial education programme for Year 7 and 8 students at Long Field Academy, Melton Mowbray. The programme is being delivered by finance and education specialist, WizeUp.

“Teaching our students about managing their personal finances is an important part of our curriculum and we are delighted the Melton Building Society is helping us to achieve this,” said Craig Palmer, Assistant Principal, Long Field Academy. 

At the introduction of the programme to the first group of students Martin Reason, Chief Executive of the Melton said: “The Society is committed to enabling young people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to manage their money. It’s great to have aspirations in life and if you need money to realise those dreams, it’s important to understand how to budget and save for future spending.”

The Melton Building Society Press Release



5 October 2016

The Melton Building Society is sponsoring a financial education programme for Year 8 and 9 students at Walton Girls’ High School. The programme is being delivered by finance and education specialist, WizeUp.

“Teaching our students about managing their personal finances is an important part of our curriculum and we are delighted the Melton Building Society is helping us to achieve this,” said Caroline Saxelby, Principal, Walton Girls’ High School. 

At the introduction of the programme to the first group of students Martin Reason, Chief Executive of the Melton said: “Education gives you choices in life and it’s important to make the most of your time at school. Similarly saving money not only gives you the ability to pay for the essentials in life (such as a deposit on a mortgage!), but also to choose to have fun when you want to!”

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Hinckley sixth formers WizeUp thanks to Hinckley & Rugby

by on 18/07/2016 in News

Students at Hinckley Academy’s John Cleveland Sixth Form explored money matters over two days of financial education sponsored by Hinckley & Rugby Building Society.

Financial education experts from the not-for-profit WizeUp were at JC6 to work with more than 130 Year 12 students on topics including budgeting, saving, tax and credit cards.

Part of the Sixth Form’s Futures programme, the sessions saw university-bound students explore managing their money during degree courses. Those keen to get into the workplace investigated how to manage their future earnings. WizeUp also held a session for parents of students considering university.

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society is now in its fourth year of regularly sponsoring WizeUp’s visits to schools and colleges in its heartlands.

WizeUp’s Ed Flack said: “We were delighted to be invited back to JC6. By dividing the students into those who were likely to go onto university and those who were keen to go straight into the work place we were able to deliver those workshops, which were most pertinent to each audience.

As always the students were keen and knowledgeable and we had the added opportunity of talking directly to parents this year about the role they will have to play in sending their sons and daughters to university.

“It was a really worthwhile visit and our thanks as always go to our fantastic sponsors at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society who make it all possible.”

Janet Paterson, head of sixth form, said: “Our students described the sessions as engaging, informative and really well presented. Ed’s financial experience, along with his calm, friendly manner, makes him an essential ingredient in our annual conference.

“We really appreciate the financial support of Hinckley & Rugby which enables us to offer our students the opportunity to develop their understanding of personal finance and skills for entering the world of work.

Hinckley & Rugby’s Denise Bradshaw, office manager at the Society’s Hinckley branches, said:

“We are very pleased we can support WizeUp as they help the workers and university students of tomorrow with important insights into saving and borrowing money.”